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  • Get your copy of Behind The Rain from this website !

    As the long dark days of winter head our way following the past months of desolation the end of this pandemic still seems far away with no light visible at the end of the tunnel. Of course there are people and businesses suffering immensely from all of this and many people have been knocked sideways with the turmoil of it

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  • “Imagine There’s No Heaven” – John Lennon born 80 years ago today

    John Lennon would have reached his 80th birthday today 9th October 2020. He was gunned down in New York City on 8th December 1980 at the age of 40.     A major influence for many musicians of all types of genres one can only imagine what he would have achieved in the second part of his life if he

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  • Doug Welch – Keeping The Music Alive with Leo Ulph

      The popular BBC Radio Kent Folk Show hosted by the legendary Doug Welch is currently off-air with no scheduled date for a return. This is very concerning situation for all Kent musicians and bands for whom Doug has supported so magnificently over the past few years. The Crows appeared on the show back in March 2020 to promote their

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In an ever decreasing and shrinking world the ability to source an environment of peace, calm and wide open spaces is becoming the pastime of many a discerning soul.

When that road is discovered it is time to convert from enclosed to open air mode and crank up the volume….

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