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Order your copy of The Old Country Crows latest album, ‘Behind the rain’.

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Fresh Crow News

  • Crows grounded by the invisible enemy …

    After months of waffle and promises on social media and just when it was time to deliver where it matters up there on stage the Crows have been grounded, along with the rest of the world, by the invisible enemy. Months of preparation have been wiped out and now everyone has to put on their tin hats and take cover. 

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  • ‘Squawking Crow’ Micky Dowle publishes second novel !

    If you are looking to escape from painting and gardening over these coming days then grab a copy of Four Becomes The One, the second novel by Dover-based Michael Dowle. Micky was a ‘Squawking Crow’ back in the Dover Studio in March 2019 as the Crows laid down Dust Of The Alamo with a little help from their friends. His

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  • Video for That’s All I Know released 17th March 2020 !

    Available for viewing on the ‘Music Videos‘ page on this website is the brand new video from the Old Country Crows for the lead song on the new album. The album is Behind The Rain and the song is That’s All I Know. The band selected a western environment for the video and the line dancers added to the flavour.

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In an ever decreasing and shrinking world the ability to source an environment of peace, calm and wide open spaces is becoming the pastime of many a discerning soul.

When that road is discovered it is time to convert from enclosed to open air mode and crank up the volume….

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