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  • The sun sets on 2020, best wishes to Mr B and bring on 2021 !

    As the year 2020 finally and thankfully disappears over the hill it seems that we are still on the platform waiting for things to get back to normal anytime soon. But let’s be positive and hope that everybody will soon be able to go about their normal business in a safe and secure way. We must remember all the people

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  • With all the jabberwocky we’ve heard this year let’s all enjoy a beer this Christmas !

    As we arrive at the end of a year that we all wish to forget for different reasons but, for most of us, because of the pandemic that has swept around the world halting almost everything in it’s tracks we finally arrive at Christmas. Normally a time where we can all get together and party this year will be a

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  • Get your copy of Behind The Rain from this website !

    As the long dark days of winter head our way following the past months of desolation the end of this pandemic still seems far away with no light visible at the end of the tunnel. Of course there are people and businesses suffering immensely from all of this and many people have been knocked sideways with the turmoil of it

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In an ever decreasing and shrinking world the ability to source an environment of peace, calm and wide open spaces is becoming the pastime of many a discerning soul.

When that road is discovered it is time to convert from enclosed to open air mode and crank up the volume….

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