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West Norfolk Radio to play two new album tracks from Invisible Highway

Jane Clayton will be playing two new album tracks from Invisible Highway on her Sunday Show at 7pm on Sunday 28th April 2024 on West Norfolk Radio.

Jane has always been interested in music, mainly through her love of singing.
She started singing regularly in Castle Acre Folk club in 2007. There she met like-minded people who introduced her to other venues and soon she was travelling many miles every week, visiting as many as she could.
In 2009, through connections made during that time, she was invited to help run the weekly Folk Show on Wayland Community Radio where she eventually ended up driving the desk. This continued until the demise of Wayland Radio in August 2010.
As she was sad to lose the musical connections she had made via the radio she and her partner decided to set up their own radio. After a lot of research and planning Folkspot Radio took to the airwaves on April 1st 2012.
Although Jane started this whole adventure via Folk clubs her musical tastes are very diverse hence the change of name to West Norfolk Radio. Now she can play any music she enjoys and meet some of the people behind the music.  

We thank Jane for her support and for playing Walls Come Down on the release of the song at the beginning of April.

THIS IS THE PLAYLIST FOR WEST NORFOLK RADIO’S SUNDAY SHOW TOMORROW (28th April 2024). THE SHOW WILL BE REPEATED ON TUESDAY (30th) at 9am, WEDNESDAY (1st) at 7pm  AND FRIDAY (3rd) at 1am. Listen in on or download the West Norfolk Radio app on your phone.

Dave Luke & Chuck Micallef - Shadows and Light – Cambrian Mountain Blues/Me and You/House of Gold (at the end of the show)

Jive Aces   Baby You’ve Got What It Takes/Bumble Boogie
The Old Country Crows   Any Given Sunday/California Trail

The Harvey Grey Collective   Some Kind of Love
Tenderhooks   Mother Said
Wise Woman   Home Safe
Ray Cooper   Even for a Shadow/Black is the Colour
The Magic Es   Consequence of You
Severed Angel   Tyrant on the Throne/A Perfect Disaster
The Dicemen   A Year to Say Goodbye In/Bet on You
Small Town Jones   Mr Kintsugi/The Mist and The Light
Malin Lewis   Saltwater/Trans
Beldon Haigh   World Got So Dumb/Anyway You Want
Mel Gaynor   Little White Lies/Dangerous
Wills & The Willing   Scuffed Knees

Last Week’s Releases
This Twisted Wreckage   The Power/Peripheral
Ian Roland   Living in Sound
Cateran   Listen to Your Heart
Kaushik Shukla   Endless Love

Freda Leask   Old Man of Madison
We Three Kings   Buried Alive
Dignity Row   Loving You is Easy
Chase Stevens   A Head Start
Sean Illife    I Miss You
Sunflower Fox & The Chicken Leg   Want Me
The Buffalo Skinners   Cheesecake/Come Down

The Battered Case Pt1

We once again thank Jane for her support in playing California Trail and Any Given Sunday which are due to be released on Invisible Highway on Wednesday 8th May 2024.



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