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Walls Come Down on 1st April 2024...

The Old Country Crows are proud to release their first-ever single, Walls Come Down, along with accompanying video.
Walls Come Down is a country-rock driven number complete with the band's trademark thick, round country-style lick that resonates throughout the song and which has a sound-vibe that only a Fender Telecaster can produce. The song burns with a gradual ascent, powered forward by a wall of acoustic guitar until it reaches the first bridge, taking it in a different direction but still retaining the taste of dust in the mouth. When the Hammond organ-style effect joins the party then the song is really in business. And the lick that introduced the song and remains interwoven throughout also brings it to a driving conclusion.
Playing keyboards on the track is Bryan Orwell who has featured on several songs by the band over the years going back to the debut album in 2013.
With the summer months around the corner add the song to your playlist from the following media platforms: -
Click here to view the official music video for Walls Come Down: -


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