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Festival season ends at Canterbury Food and Drink

The Crow's current run of festival appearances ended at Dane John Gardens in Canterbury at the first food and drink festival at the venue since 2019. The band played two shows in 2019 but Friday 23rd September was the only slated appearance on the opening day of the three-day event.

It was a dull, grey day with periodic light rainfall but good audience attendance and participation helped make the band's performance a bright spot of the day. Hopefully, the inclusion of Florida Sun and Heat of the Sun in the setlist warmed the audience.

Sound was provided by Mark Cutting of Mark1Music Sound and it was good to see DJ Lee Edgington providing some great sounds between band performances.

The Crows prepare for battle...

Once again, very many thanks for the Event Umbrella for hiring the band.

We hope to see y'all on the road in the near future...


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