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Craig Wild

Drums and Percussion 


Place of birth: Dover, Kent

Place of residence: Deal, Kent

Earliest musical memories / influences: Have loved music since I was very young. My first LP was Boney M's Night Flight to Venus in 1978. I then got into 80's music with four albums being constantly played (Prince Charming by Adam and the Ants, Complete Madness by Madness, Pinky Blue by Altered Images and Pass the Duchie by Musical Youth). In 1982 I got into heavy metal with my first album being Number of the Beast by Iron Maiden and despite being told 'you'll grow out of it' I am still into it all these years later.  

Favourite artists / bands: Iron Maiden, Metallica, Mike Oldfield, Enya, Moby, Depeche Mode. 

The best single ever recorded: Every Breathe You Take by The Police

The best album ever recorded: Every Dog Has It's Day by Salty Dog 

Best live concert ever attended: Nightwish at Wembley Arena in December 2018

Equipment used: Odery 'Fluence' drums, Zildjian ZXT and Paiste PS5 cymbals, Pearl/Mapex and Yamaha hardware plus Vic firth 2BN sticks

Past bands and musical ventures: Quest 2003 - 2008, The Rockin' Deadbeats 2011 - 2012 

What made you join the Crow wagon: I liked the idea of playing original material and after meeting Gary and Mark everything felt comfortable. They take their music seriously but with an element of fun and they like to entertain.

Your visions, ambitions and expectations for The Old Country Crows: To continue to play music which we enjoy playing and that people enjoy listening to. 

Your favourite moment as a Crow: Contributing to the latest album, Behind The Rain, my first with the band.

The Crow song you wake up in the middle of the night singing: Don't You Ever Let Them Bring You Down

Any other business: I like playing snooker, watching films and spending time with my family. 


Gary Virtue


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Craig Wild


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