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Wendon Hingedale - ''who is Wendon Hingedale ?''

The story of Wendon Hingedale was placed on film by the band on the Alan Hare Hospital Radio Medway Show on 26 October 2013. The Old Country Crows performed the song which was written in 2007 and not presented in the Crows' repertoire until 2013 on the live radio show which is brilliantly hosted by the music mastermind otherwise known as Alan Hare. The song tells the story of the severe dust bowel storms of the 1930's that caused great damage to the agricultural lands of the US and Canadian prairies. A severe drought followed by winds that blew the dry soils and dust to the skies resulted in many of the farmers and their families abandoning their farms and land and heading down Route 66 in search of a new life. California was the desired destination - the Golden State. Many of the refugees were known as Okies as an extreme amount of the victims of this tragedy were from Oklahoma. The story of Wendon Hingedale (google him !) is a tale of hope and tragedy and is set against a backdrop of folk and country. A great sing-a-along number that is set within a human tragedy. It can only be rock and roll ! To see and hear the band's performance of the song please visit our 'media' page on this website for 'Wendon Hingedale' and the band's other performances on the Alan Hare Show in 2012 and 2013.


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