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GSV QUANTUM LEAP DEMO 2010 - A Little History

Updated: May 12, 2022

Continuing our activity in delving back through time rustling through cupboards and clearing shelves a 2010 demo recording of 4 songs of which 2 of them found their way onto the first album by the Crows has been unearthed.

"I had the thread of 4 songs namely Out In The Sun, A Little History, Destination Drive and Show Me You Have A Heart. I wanted to record the songs in a professional studio with professional musicians to see if they would stand up as quality numbers. I contacted long-standing Dover musician Mick Morris, formerly of well-renowned 1970's Dover, Kent prog-rock band Mirkwood and asked him to work on guitar parts for the songs for which he immediately came onboard. Mick listened to the songs and worked on the the ideas presented to him and finally we had the parts ready for recording. We then headed to Quantum Leap Studios at Monks Horton near Folkestone in March and April 2010 to record the songs. Under the engineering and production of Marcus Bishop the tracks were laid down. " Gary

The second song on the demo disc is A Little History - still very much a firm favourite when the band play live. The song was recorded for the Crows' self-titled debut album in 2013.

Look out for tracks 3 and 4 from the demo in the coming weeks.

Track number 2 : A Little History


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