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Crow's album creator Bernie Torme to set out on 'Final Fling' Tour

Guitar legend Bernie Torme is to set out on a short UK 'Final Fling' Tour in November and December 2018 and is announcing that it will be his last time out on the road. However, hopefully there will be more recorded material to come from the great axeman.

Bernie is known for joining up with Ian Gillan and then Ozzy Osbourne (following the dramatic death of Randy Rhoades) before going on to front various bands and recording numerous albums.

More locally he is known for creating Barnroom Recording Studios near Faversham in Kent. And 5 years ago in May and June 2013 the Old Country Crows rolled into the barn to record their one and only album of 14 self-penned songs. Bernie was an excellent host, engineer and producer putting the band and other musicians very much at ease despite his great reputation. In fact, Bernie inspired everyone involved in the project to perform to a higher level. Amonsgt all of this were moments of real humour, none more so than when after the Crows had spent two hours perfecting the harmonies on the chorus of Out in the Sun on their return to the control room they immediately asked Bernie his opinion of what they had created only for Bernie to retort ''well, it isn't the f-----g King's Singers but it'll do'' which immediately brought the roof of the control room down !

For full details of the Final Fling tour please visit and try to catch a show by this legend of the guitar world.

The Old Country Crows wish Bernie and his family all the best and hopefully we can all meet up again in the near future.

From left :- Bryan Orwell, Bernie Torme, Gary Virtue

Mark Griffiths, Roger Diamond, Ian Bottle at Barnroom Studios in 2013


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