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Beer and Dumplings at BBC Radio Kent Folk !

The Crows performed 4 tracks live on BBC Radio Kent Folk with Sir Douglas Welch in the presenters chair on Sunday 8th March 2020. The band played That's All I Know, Heat Of The Sun, Till I See You Again and The Right Side from the new album, Behind The Rain.

On arrival at the studio Doug mentioned to the band that one of his favourite tracks on the new album was Beer and Dumplings so an impromptu performance of this new version of Beer and Stuffing was performed off-air for the main man !

Doug with the Crows

No questions were asked to Doug about the sum of average listening figures for his show each week but they must be fairly high which very much adds to the tension when playing live in the studio.

The Crows in performing positions !

But live is live and hopefully the performance and chit chat was enjoyed by all the listeners.


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