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Another landmark venue is closed...The Great Tree in Ramsgate

Formerly situated at 1 Margate Road, Ramsgate it has recently come to our attention that The Great Tree is no longer operating. Although it is unclear when the final drink was served it remains an important venue in Crow folklore. The landlady of the venue, Scheherazade Pesante was a wonderful character. A former opera singer she had performed in past years in London and New York. She always demanded a proper 'show' complete with a bit of chat and a few tales. We always described the venue as very 'quirky.' There was also an excellent selection of ales available. The Great Tree staged various forms of entertainment including opera, theatre shows, cinema evenings and, of course, popular music events.

One memorable show for the band was a Christmas Show on Sunday 15th December 2013 and was advertised on this website as "a must-see event that will get you right into the spirit of Christmas !" And it certainly was a great occasion. There were a few other several band appearances at the venue down the years and we thank Scheherazade and John for the wonderful memories.


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