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The Old Country Crows CD

Released 19th August 2013

Creeping Claw Records


Recorded, mixed and mastered by the late, great legendary rock guitarist Berne Torme at Barnroom Studios near Sittingbourne, Kent in May and June 2013. The band entered the studio without a regular drummer and well-known local drummer Roger Diamond stepped up and laid down a solid rhythm. The collection of songs, some of them from the early days of the band, were a mixture of country, rock, folk and bluegrass and featured Bryan Orwell on keyboards on 3 of the tracks. Track 14, the campfire sing around namely The Old Country Crows was recorded by Gary at Stick Studios in Deal, Kent.

The Old Country Crows - CD

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  • Track Listing

    1.  Dreamland
    2.  There’s Always Tomorrow
    3.  Writing On The Wall
    4.  When I’m Down
    5.  Out In The Sun
    6.  Fall
    7.  Missing You
    8.  The Places I Have Been
    9.  Too Many Pieces
    10. A Different Angle
    11. A Little History
    12. Two Lonely People
    13. Get A Vest On
    14. The Old Country Crows
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