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Invisible Highway CD

Released on 8th May 2024

Creeping Claw Records


The album was recorded by Jason Frye at Century Audio, Minster, Kent, UK and special guests on the album were Bryan Orwell on keyboards, Steve Moreham on violin and Dave Kirk on pedal steel guitar. The 14 new songs on Invisible Highway tell the story of life on the road and the trials and tribulations that come with meeting friends and enemies along the way. For every ray of light that shines through there is the usual tale of desperation and loss. One can almost taste the dust as somebody goes on the run once again. If the narrative can be set against a great melody and stunning guitar lick then everything will appear to be so much brighter.

Invisible Highway - CD

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  • Track Listing

    1. Walls Come Down

    2. There’s Something I Forgot To Say

    3. Cry Another Day

    4. Empty

    5. I Won’t Be Coming Home Tonight

    6. Thinking Of You

    7. Teardrops In The Rain

    8. California Trail

    9. I’d Rather It Was You

    10. Any Given Sunday

    11. Hold On (One More Time)

    12. Too Drunk To Drink

    13. When The East Wind Blows

    14. We’ll All Be There

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