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With all the jabberwocky we've heard this year let's all enjoy a beer this Christmas !

As we arrive at the end of a year that we all wish to forget for different reasons but, for most of us, because of the pandemic that has swept around the world halting almost everything in it's tracks we finally arrive at Christmas. Normally a time where we can all get together and party this year will be a Christmas for reflection and hope for the future. Therefore, let's all have a beer and raise our glasses to 2021 and to a time when we can resume our lives without muzzles, social distancing and to a time when we can rock once more to some great music.

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year from The Old Country Crows !

Add a sprinkle of Christmas cheer this year and take a listen to our Another Christmas song video once again available on this website and on YouTube. The song and video captures the spirit of Christmas and we certainly need a bit of that right now.

Ian aka Mr B departs the Crows

It is with great sadness that we announce the departure of Ian, our fantastic bassist, from the band. As mentioned earlier this year has been a year for reflection and Ian has decided to retire from the Crows and the business altogether due to a small medical issue but please don't worry because it is nothing serious or life-threatening. We're just saying it as it is here and Ian's issue partly revolves around a kind of tendonitis causing pain, numbness, weakness and lack of control in the arm. This is a fairly common issue with guitarists and bass players in particular so therefore 'no playing - no issues.' Ian has been playing out there on the road not far short of 45 years and time catches up with all of us.

Many complimentary pieces have been written about Ian on these pages over the past 10 years and there is really not much more to say apart from the fact that the band thank him for his excellent musicianship on stage and in the studio and his dry, comical sense of humour. One particular night on stage in Ashford, Kent will be remembered by us all when his stoicism in the line of duty while battling a wicked sickness bug will never be forgotten whilst at the same time a baying audience was creeping up to the stage causing great concern for us all. Ian returned to his bass duties when the bug allowed and Ian himself believes it was one of our best ever live performances !

As Ian rides into the sunset we look forward to seeing him in the not too distant future hopefully when the band is back on the road.

As we enter a new year and a new phase for the band we hope to announce Ian's replacement on bass duties as soon as we can get back together as a group and that time cannot come soon enough.


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