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Where's Yer Trooosers ?

The Crows with Steve Bell (left) before the troooser's incident !

The Old Country Crows were looking forward to playing Party on the Prom 2018 at Deal Pier with special friend and guest Mr Steve Bell. The soundcheck went very well as the band blazed through 'A Little History' but tragedy struck when the time came for the band to perform their set when it was discovered that Steve's stage trooosers, specially made in Houston, Texas complete with sequin embroidered limestones within genuine denim, had been left at home. Steve, a true professional, did not wish to perform wearing a tatty old pair of shorts so the band were reduced to their original line-up.

The Crows performed a 6-song set and were warmly received by a hot audience. The temperatures were stifling and quite a few beads of sweat were shed during the relatively short playing time.

The evening climaxed in a superb firework display from the end of Deal Pier. A great evening was had by all.

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