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Where did the last year go ?

Saturday 15th February 2020 is one year to the day when the Crows headed into the Dover Studios to commence recording of their second album entitled Behind The Rain under the guidance of Ollie Seager. The album will finally see the light of day on 17th March 2020 when it becomes available via this website and other major media outlets.

Mark and Ollie at the studio in Dover

Gary adds some 'electric' to the proceedings

Craig and Ian, the band's rhythm section.

Ollie Seager - recording engineer and producer of the new album

The mixing and completion of the album took place at Big Jam Studios in Sittingbourne, Kent and was handled by Kevin Thorpe. The band recorded their Christmas EP from 2017 at this studio.

Kevin Thorpe - always cool and always in control.

Behind The Rain - coming to y'all very soon indeed !


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