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The sun sets on 2020, best wishes to Mr B and bring on 2021 !

As the year 2020 finally and thankfully disappears over the hill it seems that we are still on the platform waiting for things to get back to normal anytime soon. But let's be positive and hope that everybody will soon be able to go about their normal business in a safe and secure way. We must remember all the people who have lost their lives to the pandemic and our thoughts are with their family and friends.

Our second album, Behind The Rain, released in March 2020 soon transformed into Behind The Virus and we were unable to promote the songs on the road this year but we are hoping to rectify that sometime in 2021. The album is available from this website and on all the usual suspects from Spotify to Amazon Music. We had high hopes for this album and it has been very disappointing not be able to see through all the promotional engagements and shows lined up in 2020 but fingers crossed for 2021.

It is with great sadness that we announce the departure of Ian, our fantastic bassist, from the band. This year has been a year for reflection and Ian has decided to retire from the Crows and the business altogether due to a small medical issue but please don't worry because it is nothing serious or life-threatening. We're just saying it as it is here and Ian's issue partly revolves around a kind of tendonitis causing pain, numbness, weakness and lack of control in the arm. This is a fairly common issue with guitarists and bass players in particular so therefore 'no playing - no issues.' Ian has been playing out there on the road not far short of 45 years and time catches up with all of us. Many complimentary editorials have been written on this website about Ian's contribution to the band both on stage and in the studio so there is nothing further to add apart from saying 'thank you' for all the great times.

We are hoping to make an announcement for Ian's successor as soon as we are able to get back together in the rehearsal room.

Best wishes for 2021 and hopefully we'll all catch up soon.


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