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The Old Country Crows album released 10 years ago today !

Released on 19th August 2013 the self-titled debut album celebrates a 10-year anniversary today !
The Old Country Crows headed to Barnroom Studios near Faversham, Kent to record their self-titled debut album in 2013. Recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by the late, great rock legend Bernie Torme the band put together an album of 14 original songs. Most of the songs are still part of the band's current repertoire and several of them are regularly in the top 10 of the band's Spotify chart. The collection of songs, some of them written and played from the early days of the band around 2010, were a mixture of country, rock, folk and bluegrass.
Track listing: -

There's Always Tomorrow
Writing On The Wall
When I'm Down
Out In The Sun
Missing You
The Places I Have Been
Too Many Pieces
A Different Angle
A Little History
Two Lonely People
Get A Vest On
The Old Country Crows

Copies of the cd version of the album are available from the 'store' page of this website.
The album can also be heard on various social media platforms.

To listen on Spotify please visit the following: -


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