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'That's All I Know' at the Dancing Dog Saloon. Yee-Haw !

The Old Country Crows headed to the one-horse town of Bobbing near Sittingbourne on Thursday 30th January to film their new video for the lead track on their forthcoming album. The album is 'Behind The Rain' and track is 'That's All I Know' with the iconic Dancing Dog Saloon as the venue.

The Dancing Dog Saloon is a Country & Western house run for several years now by Shaun & Mandy Egan. The feel of the venue is a throwback to Tombstone or Dodge City and is well worth a visit.

Kevin Thorpe - Video Producer and owner of Big Jam Studios in Sittingbourne

The Crows were in town to for a video shoot. Kevin Thorpe of Big Jam Studios, Sittingbourne was in the director's chair and set about producing a great video as soon as we stepped down from our horses. Against a backdrop of the old wild west Kevin set about directing Gary, Mark, Ian and Craig for several hours.

It was a busy few hours but you must always find time to take in some refreshment !

This is one wc where you might not escape from !

The big finale for the shoot was a performance to the track by a line dancing class at the saloon. In a class run by Paul the line dancers set about 'That's All I Know' in superb fashion with excellent movement and stomping. Yee-haw !

It's time to depart when someone fires an arrow at the clock behind the bar !

The band would like to thank Kevin Thorpe, Shaun and Mandy and Paul and the line dancers for their wonderful contribution to the shoot.

The video is due out in March 2020 along with the release of the new album so watch this space !


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