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Tenterden rain fails to halt the show

The Crows took to the Marquee Showcase stage once again at the Tenterden Folk Festival whilst outside driving wind and rain shook the tent. Amid very cold conditions the band played a stomping set that warmed the audience whether they were present to watch the band or to shelter from the storm ! Introduced by Crow visionary Harley Blaze as 'old Tenterden favourites' the band were driven by the pumping upright electric bass of Steve Bell and his quirky performance sealed an excellent set. The evening show at the Vine Inn performed by Gary and Mark was warmly received. The evening show ended with the Crows's rendition of the classic song 'Wagon Wheel' and Jo from Captain Patch & The Mermaid Mollies came up to the microphone to add vocals to repay the compliment of Mark adding harmonica on the Captain Patch rendition of the song at the Marquee Showcase earlier in the day. Thanks Jo ! The Crows look forward to returning to Tenterden Folk Festival in 2015.

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