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Tenterden Folk show abandoned

The Crows rolled into Tenterden on Saturday 7th October looking forward to a return performance, appearing for the first time since 2017 at the 30th Anniversary of Tenterden Folk Festival. Unfortunately, the sound engineer experienced issues with the sound system and the show could not go ahead.
A very good-sized audience had gathered and continued to wait for over an hour for the band to hit the stage but it was just not to be.
Other options were considered such as an acoustic, unplugged performance but it was much too late in the day for even that as so much time had been wasted.
The decision was taken to abandon the performance only 20 minutes before it should have finished anyway. With another band due on stage 40 minutes after that it was hoped that it would allow Andy the sound engineer time to repair the issues and get the next band up and running which is what eventually transpired albeit a little while after the arranged start time.
The band would like to apologise to their audience for not being able to play the show and would like to thank them for their patience during the delay.


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