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Tenterden Folk Festival returns in 2021...

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

The wonderful Tenterden Folk Festival is due to be staged over the weekend of Thursday 30th September - Sunday 3rd October 2021 following cancellation of the event in 2020.

Unfortunately the Crows were unable to apply and therefore will not be participating due to the current personnel changes happening within the band.

However, the festival holds some fabulous memories for the Crows dating back to the first performance there in 2012. At the Recreation Ground stage we experienced weather conditions over the years of blazing sunshine and major thunderstorms. There were also some very large audiences contributing to some great band performances. There were also some good nights performing at the Vine Inn along the High Street. The whole town is buzzing with people, music, food and drink.

The festival is well worth a visit and the Crows hope to be back there sometime in the near future.


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