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Steve Bell to join the Crows for Party on the Prom 2018 !

The Crows are looking forward to rockin' the Party on the Prom 2018 from Deal Pier (Wednesday 25th July). The event is part of Deal Regatta Week and a good crowd is expected at the event.

The headline band due on stage at 9 pm is Helluvaday who will be playing a mix of classic hits. Along the way during the evening will be various award ceremonies and presentations for carnival queens etc.

Steve Bell with his 'fishing rod.'

The Crows will be onstage from 7.30 - 8 pm and guesting on electric guitar will be 'occasional Crow' Mr Steve Bell. Steve usually plays his 'fishing rod' electric 'stick' bass but it will be electric guitar this time and Steve, being a familiar figure with the band, will bring his usual great musical prowess to the band's performance.

The band look forward to meeting Crow aficionados old and new - let's rock !


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