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Spa Strummers perform Same Old Story at Peace Festival 2016

The Spa Strummers, a ukulele group based in Leamington Spa, have performed an original composition by Crow vocalist/guitarist Gary Virtue entitled 'Same Old Story.' The song was performed on Sunday 12th June 2016 at Leamington Peace Festival. The Old Country Crows performed at the festival in 2015 and Gary became aware of the Spa Strummers at this time. ''I wrote the song entirely for a ukulele band from the outset. I was inspired by a local ukulele group in my hometown who were performing in the high street. On hearing the group play some standards i arrived home later that day and composed Same Old Story within an hour'' says Gary. He adds ''i offered the song to the local ukulele group but nothing materialized so i remembered the Spa Strummers from 2015 who are a well organized and determined group of musicians. I contacted founder member David Jenkins and he was interested in the song immediately. I have heard a rehearsal demo of the song and they have certainly risen to the challenge. I have been informed that their performance of the song at the Peace Festival was well received and there could be a 'mobile' recording of the song that may reach internet-land.''

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