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September visit to the resting place of one of the greatest rock drummers...

"As the early wisps of a September autumn filled the air but with the sun still working hard way up there in the sky reminding us of the long hot summer we had experienced up until only a few weeks ago i stood motionless at the final resting place of John Henry Bonham - widely recognised as the greatest drummer of all time. In 2016, Rolling Stone magazine named him as number one. His remains lie in Rushock Parish churchyard in Worcestershire only a few miles from his birthplace in Redditch. To stand there in the serene stillness whilst recalling the power and rhythmic quality of his playing is extremely beguiling. John Bonham passed away on 25th September 1980 at the age of 32."


John Bonham was born at this house in Redditch

A memorial to John Bonham in the centre of Redditch

Final resting place.

John Bonham 1948 - 1980


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