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Rochester Sweeps and all that !

The Crows played 2 shows on Saturday 3rd May at Rochester Sweeps Festival on the very first time at the festival 'Old Post Office Stage' at the Star Hill end of the High Street. Due to holiday commitments Ian Crow was unavailable so Steve Bell, a very fine Deal based musician, stepped in on bass duties playing some fine patterns on his excellent sounding electric double bass. The band held a good crowd throughout their performances and the sun stayed out at a steady beat. Attending a performance was Doug Welch of BBC Radio Kent (Kent Folk), a great supporter of the band on his excellent Sunday night show and it was a privilege for Gary, Mark and Steve to meet up and have a chat with him. Also the band would like to express their thanks to sound engineer Gary and show compare Mike Deavin, also a very fine singer and acoustic guitarist. The Crows very much look forward to attending the festival once again in 2015 which would be their 4th consecutive appearance. So, let's drink to that !


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