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Rehearsal Room from 1977 blows power in the house !

In 1976 and 1977 i was rehearsing with a band including vocalist Vince Millard along with guitarists Pete Amos and Tyrone Hayward. At the time i was bashing the skins on a drum kit. We were searching for a rehearsal facility and my dad suggested we use the cellar of a house he owned in Dover. "Great idea" we thought and immediately got down to work with sound proofing the facility.

The entrance to the cellar

We grabbed hold of any insulation material for padding out the room including tea towels, tea shirts and trousers along with the good old Rockwool !

The attempted insulation of the rehearsal room as seen in August 2020

Unfortunately on one occasion we nailed some boarding to the timber joists and hammered straight through some electric cables. Nobody was hurt in the process and the house did not suffer from any major catastrophe ! But that was the end of the 1977 rehearsal room !

The fuzzy images of the boarding with enclosed insulating items

Unfortunately the band never made it onto the road as happened many times in the good old days. However, i believe Vince Millard went on to front several local bands and Pete Amos, a very talented guitarist who played, in those days a classic Flying V, went onto to play in the touring band of Edison Lighthouse of 'Love Grows' fame.

I worked with Tyrone Hayward for a few years and we wrote several songs and played a handful of shows including the Louis Armstrong in Dover where we received a pat on the back from the late but legendary Bill Barnacle ! Ty and myself recorded 3 of our songs with Graham Quinton-Jones in his Herne Bay Studio in 1979 with Chris and Steve of the wonderful Mick Muff & The Divers assisting on bass and vocals.

Grand days indeed.



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