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Poor weather ends Folkestone Bandstand show...

The Crows had played 15 songs from a 26-song set list before eventually succumbing to driving rain being forced across the stage area by a fierce south-westerly wind resulting in electric cables, pedals and equipment becoming extremely wet creating a high risk environment with the decision being taken to stop the show.
Throughout the afternoon there had been signs of a decent break in the weather but the bad stuff kept returning forcing the eventual stoppage.
The strange thing is that by late afternoon conditions had improved with the wind dropping in strength and sunshine breaking through. Good old British weather!!
When the show commenced a very good-sized, enthusiastic audience was in attendance and when the weather deteriorated within the first hour they still remained steadfast until heavy, wind-assisted rain forced many of them to take cover before the show was halted.
The band would like to thank everybody that came along to the show and hope that they enjoyed what they had managed to see and hear from The Old Country Crows .
Also, very many thanks to Folkestone Festivals representatives John Barber, Doug Quinney and their excellent team for their assistance and hospitality.
Before the stoppage the band had been enjoying themselves on stage with Josh Pike, son of Chris, stepping in on bass duties for the show. The Crows had been looking forward to Josh's appearance with them so can only be thankful that 15 songs were able to be played. Well done Josh and it was a pleasure to have you on board.


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