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Next stop : The Evenhill at Littlebourne near Canterbury, Kent...

Another debut appearance is on the horizon for The Old Country Crows. This time the Crow bandwagon will be rolling on to The Evenhill Pub and Restaurant situated on the A257 in the village of Littlebourne near Canterbury in Kent. It is now the only remaining public house in the village. The band look forward to putting on a great show at a venue that stages regular entertainment throughout the year.
This is an excellent pub and restaurant with food being served from 6 - 8.30pm Monday - Friday. The food served at the establishment is extremely good and the service is top class. So why not reserve a table, grab a beer or bottle of wine and settle down for a night of folk and roll by the Crows.
I don't mind if i do !!

Showtime: 7.30 pm on Friday 6th October 2023

For full details of The Evenhill please visit:


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