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New bass player lined up for the Crows

Tim Geer

Following the departure of Ian Bottle on Crow bass duties we would like to update you on how the search for Ian's replacement is progressing. In the current climate with the pandemic still at full force there is no opportunity for us to all get in the same room and play which therefore creates problems of all kinds particularly when a new member of a band is required. However, bassist Tim Geer was tracked down a while back and managed to attend a couple of practice sessions with Gary just before the second lockdown was introduced. And the signs were good and it is hoped that once we can get back 'out there' then Tim will be on board the Crow wagon.

So, let us update you with a few details on Tim who resides in Herne Bay : -

"As far as my musical ‘career’ goes I have been playing for around 45 years now on and off for various bands although there have been some breaks in between. I did originally play guitar but found myself drawn to the bass. I do still try and keep my hand in on the six string however. The bands have all been pretty much cover bands playing a wide variety of music mostly on the pub scene largely the in Kent and London area. Most recently I played bass for a Herne Bay based band called Cooper’s Brother that played all original material.

I have always enjoyed playing and listening to music from pretty much all genres and play both electric and acoustic bass guitars along with an upright electric fretless to get a variety of sounds.

I’m coming up for 65 this year and have been married for almost 43 years! I have two grown up children who are married and live in Kent. I am originally from Liverpool but have lived in Kent for the last 45 years. I worked in the construction industry but am now semi-retired working part time as a maintenance man for a couple of care homes in Herne Bay."

Tim with electric upright fretless bass

Tim is a competent bass guitarist, very precise in his playing and a very nice person as well. He is already hard a work on the Crow repertoire and we are hoping that when we can all get together we will be able to 'hit the ground running.'

Ian's departure from bass duties in the band was a sad but unavoidable moment. The year 2020 was a year for reflection and Ian decided to retire from the Crows and the business altogether due to a small medical issue. Ian's issue partly revolves around a kind of tendonitis causing pain, numbness, weakness and lack of control in the arm. This is a fairly common issue with guitarists and bass players in particular so therefore 'no playing - no issues.' Ian has been playing out there on the road not far short of 45 years and time catches up with all of us. Many complimentary editorials have been written on this website about Ian's contribution to the band both on stage and in the studio so there is nothing further to add apart from saying 'thank you' for all the great times.

Ian Bottle

But not only will Ian's great bass playing be missed in the band but also his wonderful, dry sense of humour. We look forward to meeting up with Ian in the near future on the road somewhere and by then we hope that he will 'like what he hears !'


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