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Mr B's 'duck' joke steals the show on Good Friday !

A great performance by the band at the Fox on Good Friday was slightly overshadowed by an intriguing joke by bass guitarist Ian which involved a 'duck' and a story that seemed to be timed-in at least 10 minutes long. Sadly, the punchline was not heard as an audience member, who will remain nameless, decided the joke should be curtailed and shouted 'last orders' so that the punchline was not audible - a punchline that Ian stated is not meant to be funny anyway ! So, all very bizarre but a great time was had by all.

The band played an early song 'Out in the Sun' from their debut album which has not been heard live since 2013. Also, 'Two Rainbows' made a welcome comeback. There were also a couple of surprise covers.

The Crows 'rock the Fox' on Good Friday for the seventh consecutive year.

Gary and Mark 'sweat it out' upfront.

Mr Wild thrashed away so intently his face turned a different shade of blue.

And the audience just had to 'folk'n'roll !

The band look forward to returning on Good Friday 2019 !


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