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Mark looking forward to a good year...

Crow utility man Mark Griffiths is very confident of a successful year with the band. Mark has been preparing his array of instruments including his Fender Telecaster, mandolin, ukulele, acoustic guitar and harps during rehearsals over the past couple of months. Not forgetting lead and backing vocals ! ''John and Craig, our new bassist and drummer have been working hard in rehearsals in a creative and organized way. This has allowed us to work quickly as a band to get the songs exactly where we wish them to be'' says Mark. He adds ''we are looking for a period of stability now to grow stronger as a band unit.'' Mark also believes the enforced break the band experienced during the latter part of 2015 has refreshed everything. ''We have come back to rehearsals with a new vigour and it is all sounding very good'' says Mark.

Mark hard at work at rehearsals in Sandwich - February 2016


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