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Marc Bolan & T.Rex at Folkestone Leas Cliff Hall 1975 and 1976

Ad from the Dover Express published in January 1976 advertising a show at Folkestone Leas Cliff Hall by Marc Bolan & T.Rex on Saturday 7th February 1976 - 45 years ago today ! The show was the T.Rex Futuristic Dragon Tour promoting the new album Futuristic Dragon released on 30th January 1976.

"Marc Bolan & T.Rex also played the Leas Cliff Hall on Saturday 26th July 1975. I remember going with a couple of school mates and we could not believe that Marc Bolan and T.Rex was coming to Folkestone ! I did not go to the show on 7th February 1976. The show in July 1975 was part of a small warm-up tour in preparation for the forthcoming Futuristic Dragon Tour. The band also played Great Yarmouth and Hastings in July 1975 before the Folkestone Show. Micky Finn and Gloria Jones were on stage that night. The band played all their great hit songs and the only new song i can recall was called 'London Boys.' A great night and great memories and not bad for £ 1.50 a ticket !"



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