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Listen to Me EP receives interesting Strutter'zine review...

Strutter'zine, an international website from the Netherlands has reviewed the bands' latest EP, Listen to Me, released on 21st June 2021 and has added some new flavours of comparison to the songs on the selection. When we create our own songs it is always interesting to hear various comparisons and in this instance it is great that we have an international view:-

"The latest EP contains 5 songs and is musically following the same path as their earlier albums. Opening title track Listen To Me is once again 60s Garage Rock/Powerpop orientated, but slightly more edgier than the band was before, which of course we don’t mind! Early THE BEATLES is clearly a reference and following this great start is the calmer folky Without You, while All Summer Long has a TOM PETTYish catchy midtempo Americana poprock sound. Burned To The Ground is a midtempo THE KINKS/THE BEATLESish folky pop/rocker and closing track Help Me Man is their most rocking so far, because this is a great uptempo classic rocker with a STATUS QUO approach. Slightly less powerpop ish than the earlier albums, THE OLD COUNTRY CROWS shows they are a great diverse band which develops with each new album release, so go check them out at"


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