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It's All So Different Now !

If you have witnessed the Crows playing in 2019 then there is a very good chance that you would have heard the band playing their own number entitled 'It's All So Different Now.' A bright, catchy and lively song 'It's All So Different Now' is one of a library of over 60 original songs that the band have in their fold. From this total sum only 19 of these songs have been recorded and released - 14 songs on the self-titled debut album from 2013 and 5 songs from their Christmas EP from 2017. 'It's All So Different Now' had not been in the band's repertoire since around 2013/14 and was plucked out to be included in the set for 2019.

Hopefully, when the new album is released in the near future then 14 more of these songs can be deducted from this list.

It makes for difficult decisions when compiling set lists as the band like to play as many of these songs as possible throughout the year and do not want to see any of them discarded. If there are not good enough numbers then they would have not been played in the first instance.

So, the Crows do their best to keep all of their songs relevant so keep we hope you enjoy what you hear !


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