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Hope for the Crows at the 'Musicians Festival'

The Crows are looking forward to a debut performance at the Hope Music Festival a.k.a. 'The Musicians Festival' on Friday 31st May 2019. The festival has been in existence for the best part of 25 years and it's current venue is the event's third location in this time.

Each Year Hope Festival supports Cancer Research UK in the amazing work they do. The cause is near and dear to many of the performers, organisers and extended Hope Family.

The venue is at Highams Hill Farm, Sheepbarn Lane, Biggin Hill, Bromley CR6 9PQ and if you have the time and availability we would love to see some Crow aficionados at the Piano Bar Stage commencing at 3pm. At the end of the day it has got to be well worth a visit to a festival hosting bands by the names of Wasp Juice, Bruise and Dry Seamen !


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