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Good show at the Fleur after technical glitches persist early on...

The opening day of the Sandwich Folk & Ale Week 2022 saw the Crows take to the stage at the Fleur De Lis Hotel in Sandwich following a performance by the Wrotham Arms Folk & Traditional Choir. The band took to the stage with little time to prepare and experienced a couple of technical glitches with the electric and acoustic guitars which resulted in the first 3 songs not quite hitting the spot and not being performed as the band had wanted and for which it had prepared for.

However, to a very appreciative Monday night audience the Crows started to hit their groove and songs were played from their latest releases, Behind the Rain LP and Listen to Me EP plus some old favourites from the self-titled debut album from 2013 and a good time was had by all. One song that fell victim to time restraints was the track Behind the Rain which has still never been performed live by the band. Maybe next time !!

Many thanks to Andre Simmonds from Mark 1 Music in Deal, Kent for providing the PA on the night and, as ever, the Crows made him work up a bit of a sweat with the early ongoing issues but the young and agile Andre dealt with them effortlessly and efficiently.


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