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Exclusive interview with Mr B !

Mr Ian Bottle has been plucking those bass notes since way back in the 1970's and has a wealth of experience and knowledge associated with the local music scene. He has been the Crow's bass player since March 2011 apart from a few months break in 2014. His views are short, sharp, punchy and direct (a bit like his playing !) and in this exclusive interview for the band website Ian gives his views on the current state of the band and also his take on the events of 2017 including some great shows and the release of the Christmas EP.

How was the experience of working in the studio for the recording of the Christmas EP in 2017 and how did it compare with the experience of recording the band's only album in 2013 ?

'It was ok, the chap was fine to work with but it was all a bit rushed and nowhere as enjoyable as working with Bernie Torme (for the recording of the band's self-titled debut album in 2013).''

Are you pleased with the recording of the EP and happy to move on now with the band ?

''Sometime in the future it would be nice to have another crack at the songs individually.''

What was your favourite show of 2017 ?

''New Year's Eve closely followed by Somerley Festival.''

With no new recording in the pipeline for the foreseeable future what can we expect from the band in 2018 ?

''Consolidation, tightening the sound even further and hopefully some fun.''

How do you see the future of the band ?

''What ever we want it to be.''

How is working with the longest-serving Crow drummer having an effect on the bands' sound ?

''Making the sound tight and powerful.''

How pleased was you with the band's performance at the Fox Inn on Good Friday ?

''That was a very good night.''

Should people who have not seen the Crows be at the Prom on the Pier Show in Deal on 25th July ?

''Of course.''

After playing bass for so many years are you still hungry to learn and improve your playing ?

''I would always like to be a better player.''

The one Crow number you currently wake up in the night singing ?

''I sleep very soundly, no singing, also it would annoy the missus.''


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