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Even the Brogdale sheep hide from the rain !

As the show fired-up at midday at the Brogdale Artisan Cider Festival 2018 there were two sheep and Mark's mum with her two grandchildren in the audience. As the first number came to an end even the sheep had decided to hide from the rain. In fact they were not seen again so they could well be tucked snuggly in Craig's bass drum. Better check that, Craig !

However, as the show progressed several hearty visitors to the festival showed their support which was very much appreciated by the band. In fact at one stage there was some excellent shapes being thrown in the Face Painting Tent and the band's rendition at the end of the show of 'Help Me Man' produced some excellent jiving from two audience members. Great stuff indeed !

Many thanks to Sara and the crew at Brogdale for booking the Crows for the third consecutive year.


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