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Doug Welch - Keeping The Music Alive with Leo Ulph

The popular BBC Radio Kent Folk Show hosted by the legendary Doug Welch is currently off-air with no scheduled date for a return. This is very concerning situation for all Kent musicians and bands for whom Doug has supported so magnificently over the past few years. The Crows appeared on the show back in March 2020 to promote their new album just before the dark clouds descended. Doug must return to the airwaves very, very soon. In the meantime Doug has been promoting local bands by playing a track following an introduction by himself via the Leo Ulph Upload Show which is on air from 9 - 10 pm Monday - Friday on BBC Radio Kent.

On Thursday 10th September Doug introduced the Crows on the Upload Show and the track 'Beer And Stuffing,' which Doug aptly named 'Beer And Dumplings' back on his show in March, was played. The Upload Show hosts a varied range of Kent artists from musicians to storytellers to poets and is very interesting indeed and worth checking out.

To listen to Doug Welch introduce The Old Country Crows check out the episode from 10th September from the following link : -


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