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Crows to return to Faversham Hop Festival 2024...

A date for your diary; on Sunday 1st September from 1.50 - 2.35pm the band will play a show at the wonderful Faversham Hop Festival for the second consecutive year. This time the band will climb aboard the Market Place Stage following a successful show on the Hoppers Market Stage located at Central Car park in 2023.
Faversham Hop Festival is run by a not for profit company called Community Heritage Events Ltd, which is limited by guarantee and organises the festival under contract from Swale Borough Council. Many of the current team have been part of the festival in some form for the last 10 years and it consists of 11 members, most of whom combine the festival organisation with full time jobs and families.
The festival is a major annual event in Kent and is well worth a visit. The band look forward to seeing y'all there at Faversham Hop Festival 2024!


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