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Crows Sizzle in the Brogdale Sun ...

Temperatures hit a high of around 30 degrees centigrade and probably higher within the Grassy Stage Tent as the Crows played a 1 3/4 hour set at the Brogdale Cider Festival on August Bank Holiday Weekend Sunday 25th August 2019. At the same precise time Ben Stoakes hit the Australians for 135 runs to win the 3rd test of the Ashes at Headingley. His cap was sweat-stained as the 'white lines' appeared during his post-match interview. Well, Gary's Crow t-shirt and Mark's black vest are going to have to be put through the mangle as the white 'sweat-lines' started to appear immediately after the show. Boy, was it hot ! And a good-sized audience baked in the sun as the Crows ploughed through a set of original songs and a handful of covers.

This was the band's 5th consecutive appearance at this brilliant festival and may thanks to Sara and Georgia for booking us in 2019.

Thanks to family and friends for your support on the day and it was good to meet some new friends along the way.

Here's to Brogdale 2020 !!!


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