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Crows rock the Tenterden tent !

Steve Bell and his stick bass (also known as the 'fishing rod') folk'n'rolled with the Crows on Sunday 8th October 2017 at the 25th Tenterden Folk Festival. Standing in for the unavailable Crows's bassist Ian Bottle, Steve and the Crows played an entertaining set at their 6th appearance at the ever popular festival. The band paid tribute to organiser Alan Castle and his colleagues for reaching the 25 year milestone and also dedicated a slower tempo version of 'A Different Angle' to the late American rock star Tom Petty who passed away earlier in the week. Considering this was a folk festival a very good round of applause was carried out for this tribute. Many thanks to the great audience who stayed with the band for the set and, hopefully, enjoyed their session with the Crows.


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