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Crows rock Faversham Hop Festival and The Oyster Pearl, Whitstable...

On Saturday, 2nd September 2023 the Crows headed to Faversham for a debut performance at the famous Hop Festival with an appearance at the Hoppers Market Stage. The whole town was buzzing with several music stages in operation and had the dreaded train strike not been in effect on the day then we are not sure if the area could have accommodated many more attendees.
The band played a set of 11 songs drawn from both of their albums plus Burned To The Ground, Listen To Me and Help Me Man from the Listen to Me EP. A classic song by John Fogerty was also played. The audience were very appreciative and a great time was had by all. Many thanks to Graham and Maisie for booking the band and to Dan and Kieron for handling the live sound.
The following day, Sunday 3rd September, the band headed to the coast at Whitstable for a second performance at a quaint venue named The Oyster Pearl, a very popular pub/restaurant with a very enthusiastic clientele for live music. On a very hot day indeed the Crows played a strong set of their own material and some classic cover songs.
The band will be hoping to return to the venue in the near future so watch this space as this is a music venue well worth a visit !


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