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Crows reflect on 2022...

After the disruption caused by the pandemic during 2020 and 2021 and with a couple of major personnel changes in the band during this time also the Crows can now look back on a successful year in 2022 which finally resulted with the Crows back out on the road playing songs from their last two releases. The album Behind The Rain released in March 2020 and the Listen To Me EP released in June 2021 had been swept up by the disruption when they were issued but 2022 finally gave the band a chance to promote the tracks. And 2022 gave the opportunity for new guitarist/vocalist Chris Pike and bassist Tim Geer to get up on the stage with the band. And following a lot of hard work in the rehearsal room both Chris and Tim settled into the groove and brought a new flavour to the band. The new songs were very well received and the band played some decent shows and particularly memorable were Rochester Sweeps Festival and Broadstairs Folk Week.

Chris Pike

Tim Gear

Laying down the groove for Chris and Tim is the Crows' drummer Craig who has been with the band since the beginning of 2016. Check out his Q&A on this website from September 2022.

Craig Wild

The band is now back in the rehearsal room working on some new songs. These include a selection from the band's previous releases plus some new covers which liked to be kept 'in the locker' for when required. Also being played is 'I Won't Need No Rockin' Tonight' which is a Crow original song which has never been recorded although it always proved a popular song when played live. So, it will be good to have a little bit of rockabilly in the setlist once again.

It has also been discussed within Crowsville that some brand new songs could be ready for rehearsal very soon because, as always. the ultimate aim is to get back to the studio and record new material. So, a new Crows album could be on the horizon in the very new future.

Looking ahead to 2023 the band is hoping to return to several of the festivals they played this year but they are also in discussion with some new event organisers so hopefully there will be some exciting news on this front very soon.

See y'all soon.


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