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Crows have a blast at The Evenhill, Littlebourne...

The Crows ascended the 16th century stairs within the restaurant of The Evenhill Pub and Restaurant at Littlebourne near Canterbury on Friday 6th October 2023. Their show was presented from a balcony area overlooking the main bar - a very different location for the band indeed !
As diners perused the enticing menu and sampled the ales and wines at this excellent establishment the band rolled out their songs in the usual manner entertaining the audience along the way with a 35-song set. This was a debut show at the venue for the Crows and many thanks must go to Penny and her team at The Evenhill for their wonderful hospitality. Special thanks must go to one of the staff members, namely Craig who actually turned roadie on several occasions by helping to haul the band's equipment to and from the inn which was very much appreciated by the older crows.


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