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Crows at Leas Bandstand, Folkestone - Video...

Yes, for a performance in June 2023 at the Leas Bandstand, Folkestone the band were introduced as The Old COUNTY Crows and this handle has stuck with them right through to the video of part of the band's show created very expertly by Peter Vernon on the day. Thanks Peter - we love the images added in the video during Folsom Prison Blues and the sound of the train is a blast !

Peter's video covers the complete performance of the band's version of the Johnny Cash classic, Folsom Prison Blues. This is followed by the last verse and chorus of the band's own composition, Dreamland, and the video ends with a full version of the title track from their last release, the 5-track EP entitled Listen To Me. Thanks to Peter for the video, to John Barber for booking the band and to Doug Quinney for handling the sound on the day. A very good crowd was in attendance and the weather was excellent. A great time was had by all.


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