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Craig looks back over the summer of '22...

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

Having been occupier of the Crows drum stool since January 2016 Craig looks back over a busy summer of rehearsing and festivals following a couple of years of upheaval with the pandemic and major personnel changes within the band.

The Crow Website fired a few questions at Craig: -

Crow Website (CW): The current run of summer shows end in Canterbury on 23rd September. How do you feel the band have settled back into live performance in 2022 following the additions of Chris and Tim in the band ?

Craig: Considering the quantity of material that Chris and Tim had to learn i am more than happy with the results we have achieved. Now we can use this as a foundation to build on.

CW: How do you feel you have 'locked in' with Tim on bass ? Craig: Despite the difference in his playing style i believe that we have gelled well together.

CW: Tell us about the effect of playing two shows in Rochester on 2nd May and how you thought it went.

Craig: It was a long, tiring day (don't mention the journey between the 2 venues). I thought that for our first time playing together, ever and the fact that Gary and myself hadn't played live for 2 years, we put on two good shows which were favourably received.

CW: Do you have a favourite show in 2022 (so far) ? Craig: Broadstairs Folk Week. Both shows went very well with lots of positive feedback on both days plus it was my first time playing at this event.

CW: The Crows have a reputation for things going slightly askew when they're on the road. Did any one particular incident this year make you sweat a bit ?

Craig: At Rochester where the bass drum leg broke and i had to use several door wedges to stop the drum going for a walk. But they worked and it stayed where it was.

CW: What has it been like to be able to finally play the latest songs from the last 2 releases ? Craig: We put a lot of effort into those releases and i was pleased to play them live and to see the audience reaction. It made it all worthwhile.

CW: Is there any particular event you have played this year where you would definitely like to return in 2023 ?

Craig: Broadstairs Folk Week. I would like to see us play to a bigger audience in one of the main venues. The time last year things were very uncertain for the band but i believe with this line-up we can move forward to bigger and better things.

We will fly high, fly safe and fly true !


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