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Christmas songs and all that - Interview with Craig the Crow's Sticksman !

Craig Wild is fast hurtling towards his second anniversary as the Crows drummer and is by far and away the longest reigning drummer the band have ever had. However, still hopefully normal and sane what did he feel about being pitched into a recording studio for the very first time and having to enter into the Christmas spirit in September. Is he still sane ? ''Having never recorded in the studio before I was very excited and a tad nervous. I wasn't too sure what to expect but I gave it 100% on the day and it was a great experience'' says Craig. And how, on your very first time in a studio, was the challenge of Christmas themed songs ? ''Well, we've been working on these songs for a little while now and it's been interesting to see how they have developed as we have all added our own little bits. They are typical Crow ditties, with a bit of folk, a bit of country and a little bit of rock but i haven't quite sneaked in any heavy metal yet (lol).'' Do you have any highlights so far from your time as Crow's sticksman ? ''With the line up the most stable in history I think we have had a strong showing at all our gigs this year but my favourite was our road trip to Somerley on the edge of the New Forest. The sun was shining and it was our biggest crowd to date. I am particularly looking forward to our show on 1st December which will be an evening of great music, Crow style with a sprinkling of Christmas cheer thrown in.'' Craig adds that ''with a stable line up in place 2018 will be a great year for the band with hopefully some new material and lots more shows.'' He adds ''i've been a Crow for almost 2 years now and am very happy to rock 'n' crow with Gary, Mark and Ian. I think we have passed the Spinal Tap exploding drummer scenario so I look forward to flying high with The Crows in the future.''

Well done Craig and Merry Christmas from the Crow wagon !


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