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Bradstow Mill at Broadstairs Folk Week 2023

Following on from Sunday at Neptunes Hall the band was back at Broadstairs Folk Week for a Tuesday lunchtime appearance on 15th August at The Bradstow Mill situated at 125 High Street, Broadstairs. A smaller audience than 48 hours previously but still a very attentive and enthusiastic crowd was in attendance as the band played through their selection of own material plus versions of several classic cover songs.

During one of these cover songs, Why Don't You Love Me by the late, great Hank Williams a member of the audience was invited to step up and participate with the band. This person was Bill Beer, a connoisseur of Hank Williams and he duly blazed through a very entertaining version of the number. Well done Bill and let's ride that horse again sometime !

Bill is a great entertainer and mainly performs at open mic evenings these days but catch him if you can !

Bill Beer with the Crows

Crows rock at a Tuesday lunchtime session at The Bradstow Mill, Broadstairs

Many thanks to Glen and his team of excellent staff at The Bradstow Mill and we look forward to returning to the venue in the near future.


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