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Behind The Rain in these very difficult times ...

Tuesday 17th March 2020 sees the release of The Old Country Crow's second album entitled Behind The Rain. The album contains 14 original songs and is available in physical form via the 'Crow Store' on this website or via download from Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon Music and all the other usual suspects.

Track listing : -

1. That's All I Know 2. My Head Is Alright 3. Ripple Creek 4. Hand Of Fate 5. Not So Long Ago 6. When The Morning Comes

7. Dust Of The Alamo 8. Florida Sun 9. The Right Side 10. Heat Of The Sun 11. The Last Train 12. Till I See You Again

13. Beer And Stuffing 14. Behind The Rain

We do hope you enjoy this album in what are very difficult days indeed. We can only heed the advice of our government and medical experts but relief must be found in continuing to enjoy the things we love most and this includes words and music. Strangely, there are songs on this album that kind of reflect the situation we currently find ourselves in but whereas one song may be inclined to possibly make you feel slightly anxious there is another one that comes along to lift the spirits. The power of song is always a constant.

With all plans in disarray at the moment we will keep you updated as to when we will see you out there on the road but in the meantime please listen to all advice given, be careful and stay safe.


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